Review: L’Oreal True Match Foundation W1


Hello, all! Today, I wanted to review one of my favorite foundations of all time, the L’Oreal True Match in W1 Porcelain. A bit of background info: I’ve always struggled with determining my skin-tone/undertones. My skin is hard to match, so I have gone to several makeup counters to be “professionally” shade-matched. And at every one, the salespeople always said I was cool toned, with pink tones in my skin, but when I put on their pink-toned foundations, they just never looked good on me. I have done all those little tests that supposedly help you figure out your undertone–I look better in silver jewelry and better in white than ivory, but my veins look more green (i.e, warm-toned) than blue. I look good in the cool-toned color black, but also in the very warm-toned orange. My skin gets sunburned really easily, which usually signifies a cool skin tone, but I can wear warm-toned lipstick just fine. Contradictions and confusions…

I did a skin consultation at Ulta recently, and was told again that I was cool-toned, so I decided to buy the L’Oreal True Match C1 foundation and powder, for cool-toned skin. But on my skin, the C1 powder looked more like a blush. It just wasn’t wearable; it was way too pink. I ended up giving it away, and while I kept the foundation, I always felt like it made me look mildly sunburned.

Fast-forward to three weeks ago, when I got a sample of Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation in shade 2.0, which had “warm, golden tones” in it. Although it was a little dark on me, I was surprised that when I wore it, I got many compliments on my skin, with people saying it looked “bright” and “fresh.” I was curious, so I tested out samples of other warm-toned foundations, and every time someone told me my skin looked better. Finally I decided to get the L’Oreal True Match foundation that had warm, yellow tones when I found it on sale one day, just to see if maybe, just maybe, my skin wasn’t cool toned at all. I got shade W1, porcelain, and when I put it on, it was the exact color of my skin. I was flabbergasted. It looked like I just had great skin, not like I was wearing makeup at all.

A heavy swatch
A heavy swatch
Completely blended can't even see it!
Completely blended in…you can’t even see it!

My ever-astute boyfriend commented that my face and neck actually matched, and that my makeup “flowed into my skin better.” Now, he’s very used to me trying out foundations, and I trust his judgment when he says something matches my skin! Not only does it match perfectly, but it performs really well too. It feels lightweight and breathable, but I get medium coverage from it and it lasts all day. The W1 powder also matches my skin much better than the C1 did.

Natural light...see how well it matches?
Natural light…see how well it matches?
Taken with still matches.
Taken with flash…it still matches.

For a drugstore foundation, this product really is exemplary, and because of the huge range of shades, anyone can find a match. What I don’t understand is why I’ve always been told I had cool-toned skin when I clearly look better in warm-toned foundation. I think that maybe, every time I’ve been “professionally” matched, the salespeople just glance at my skin and determine from its OVERTONE that I’m cool-toned. And yeah, because my skin is generally irritated and broken out, my overtone is definitely red, but that sure doesn’t mean I need a pink foundation that’s going to make my already too-rosy complexion look even redder. Bottom line: Don’t just blindly listen to salespeople. Experiment, and who knows, you might find a gem of a foundation in the drugstore like I did.

13 thoughts on “Review: L’Oreal True Match Foundation W1”

  1. You look great! And yes, I always tell my mother now not to listen to sales staff and bring me along when she’s choosing her makeup. I was highly annoyed that she’s bought foundations from Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier that’s too light, but she’s told that it’s okay, the foundation will eventually oxidize to her skin tone. Like what.


  2. Thanks! All the salespeople care about is getting you to buy one of their foundations…your poor mother! I’m sure those foundations weren’t cheap. I can’t believe someone said it was fine that it didn’t match because it would eventually oxidize. Wow. Once, this salesgirl tried to convince me that this very orange, very dark foundation was my perfect match— it was at least three shades too dark, and the charming color of a pumpkin. Um, no.


  3. Nice review! I too have some areas on my face that are red, and pretty much ever since I started wearing makeup in middle school, I always wore a cool/neutral shade, which just made my face look even more pink. A year ago, I switched to a warm shade and I wa shocked at the difference it made. Color match is so important to any foundation. Glad you discovered the switch too!


  4. Thanks Candace! Getting the right color is so important, and I am so glad I’ve finally figured out to go with warm tones! I tried the neutral foundation route, but it always made me look washed out. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that maybe the salespeople were wrong about my undertones altogether. Anyway, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!


  5. This looks great on you! looks natural. I just bought it too and I love it but I’m having a difficult time picking my shade. I had to returned it twice because I kept getting the wrong shade lol thats the bad thing about drugstore foundations =( great post!


  6. Thanks beautysins! I know…it can be such a pain trying to pick out the right shade at the drugstore because there are never testers. It really is just trial and error lol. I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect shade!


  7. I went from using a $36 clinique foundation to my Maybelline Foam Foundation that matches my skin so perfectly. It’s way better than the higher priced one and has become my new go-to product. I wanted to try this one as well so I may just go ahead and purchase some. OH and I nominated you for the Liebster award and thanks so much for the nomination as well!


  8. Thank you so very much momerrell! I never really buy the more expensive, “high end” foundations, mainly because they perform pretty similarly to what’s at the drugstore. This L’Oreal one and my Forever 21 foundations work just as well as what’s at Sephora, plus they are much cheaper! Thank you for reading! 🙂


  9. I have been told that my face is cool and pinkish, but the rest of me is on the warmer side of neutral. It seems that I have to also wear slightly yellowish foundations if I want my face and neck to match!


  10. I know just what you mean! Thankfully, now that I know I look better in yellow toned foundation, finding foundations that match is so much easier. Plus the yellow tones neutralize the redness in my face instead of making it worse like the cool toned foundations did!


  11. i had the same experience with colors and color matching. i really think its because i tend to flush easily, so they see the pink and think its my undertone. i am convinced after much trial and almost as much error that im very neutral but that yellow undertones compliment me better.


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