Review: Revlon, Hard Candy, and e.l.f lipsticks


I know, I know. Too many of my reviews are about lipstick. But there are so many colors out there to try, some of them at very reasonable prices. Case in point: I just found two red and purple lipsticks for less than $9 that have blown me away with their rich colors and comfortable feel. I guess I’ll back up a little. I’m reviewing three new lipsticks, the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless, the Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick in Confidence, and the e.l.f. matte lip color in Rich Red. Two of these I adored, and one did not impress me at all.


The Revlon Matte Balm is a deep, bright purple that reminds me A LOT of the famous MAC Heroine, except Revlon’s is much cheaper. It’s a very unique, fun color that adds some instant punk to your look. The e.l.f matte lip color is a very pigmented true red that is easy to apply and lasts all day, and the Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick was the one I was most excited to try and the one that I found most disappointing. See how frosty and sparkly it is?


I was really intrigued by the idea of an ombre lipstick, and I couldn’t wait to get my greedy hands on this one, but it just wasn’t very good quality. Sorry, Hard Candy! These swatches were done with just one small swipe of product–the Revlon and the e.l.f, as you can see, are smoother and more pigmented than the Hard Candy.

Top to bottom-Hard Candy, Revlon, e.l.f.
Top to bottom-Hard Candy, Revlon, e.l.f.

Shameless is without a doubt my favorite one. It’s so smooth and feels luxurious, not to mention it’s just a downright cool color. See how freakin’ purple it is?


It is matte, my favorite finish, and has a slight minty smell/taste. I think I paid $7 for it, and it’s a great deal for such a beautiful color. The e.l.f. one I happened to find at the Dollar Tree, and it’s amazingly pigmented and long-lasting for a lipstick that only cost a dollar! I love the way it’s shaped more like a lip liner–that makes it really easy to get a precise application and you won’t need a lip liner with this one. It does not feather at all.


And, lastly, here’s the Hard Candy one. I had to go over my lips six times to get the color you see here, and even with that it still looks uneven. It’s very frosty, almost gritty, and the pigmentation is not too good. As for the “ombre” effect, I think it looks more like I just put on too much lip-liner and forgot the lipstick!

You can tell I'm not too impressed...
You can tell I’m not too impressed…

I usually like Hard Candy’s stuff pretty well, but something about this lipstick seems off. The texture is too sparkly, and the square tip makes it hard to keep it inside my lip line. This product seems more like a gimmick, an attempt to capitalize on the current ombre trend, but it’s not something I would really recommend.


8 thoughts on “Review: Revlon, Hard Candy, and e.l.f lipsticks”

  1. I’ve never heard of or tried hard candy but I did get an elf lipstick in a nice red that I LOVE!! I also have that Revlon stick in a lighter color that is perfect on me and I brought the purple one you have on but it did not show so vibrant on my dark skin so it went back. I’m not a fan of the minty tingle of the revlon but the color I got it so perfect that it’s ok. Elf has been surprising me lately. I have their bronzer that I didn’t think would steer me away from my normal bronzer and a liner, and a all over stick that I use mainly as a blush in pink lemonade color and it’s AMAZING!! Elf is definitely a good cheap brand. Thanx for the heads up on the Hard Candy ombre in case I came across it. The colors though, look fab on you.


  2. Thanks! 🙂 It’s true, Elf really is a good cosmetic brand if you’re looking for cheap but decent products. They have never disappointed me! If you don’t have their red matte lip color already, I feel like it would look great on you. It’s so pigmented that I’m sure it would show up and be vibrant on you. I don’t think Hard Candy is as well known as most other brands, but I’m starting to think their products are geared more towards preteens who like sparkly stuff haha. I had such high hopes for that ombré lipstick, but oh well. As always, thank you for reading and commenting!


  3. I didn’t even realize Hard Candy had lipstick! Granted I haven’t been to a Walmart in ages so I just haven’t seen the brand much. I actually don’t much of anything from the but I’ve heard they have some good things! Those other two look lovely though!


  4. I love the matte finish too !! Somehow it’s more of a color than a shine which is more appealing to me .. I am yet to try the elf brand but it looks great on you !! And btw .. You have georgeous eyes 🙂


  5. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!


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