Review: Sephora Airbrush Foundation and Marc Jacobs Matte Lip Gel

It’s summer break! YES! Now that I’m finally out of school, I can show you guys my latest little haul. This is going to be a double review, because I just got two new products from Sephora that I want to show you–the reformulated Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation in Fair and the limited edition Marc Jacobs Matte lip gel in Scandal. Both products have really exceeded my expectations! I got to try the Sephora Color IQ system, and my shade was 3Y01, which corresponded to the airbrush foundation. I must have really lucked out, because it matches my skin quite well. I think there are only five shades available, and somehow the lightest one was actually perfect for my skin. It’s a very interesting product; it comes in a can that looks like a small hairspray bottle, and to apply it, you’re supposed to just spray it all over your face for an airbrushed effect.



With perfect honesty, it doesn’t work all that well if you just spray it on your face. It got all over my hair and eyebrows, so I tried just spraying it on my hand and using a brush to apply. Worked like a charm! When I spray it on my hand, it feels really cold since it’s an aerosol-type product, and it does have little bubbles in it, as you can see below.


Blended in...see how well it matches?
Blended in…see how well it matches?

Although it does dry fast, blending is pretty easy, and it feels lightweight and slightly cooling. What surprised me the most about this foundation is that I was expecting it to be sheer coverage since it’s a spray-on product, but it actually gives me completely full coverage. As I mentioned in my review for Nyx’s Invincible foundation, I like having a full-coverage foundation that I can use on the days when my acne is flaring up, and the Sephora Airbrush foundation covers up my spots so well that I don’t need concealer. Score. It says on the bottle that it lasts for ten hours, but I am able to get a whopping fourteen hours of wear from it, and it doesn’t oxidize. It looks semi-matte, like velvet, on my skin, and I really love how weightless it feels. It is a very yellow-toned foundation, so it is best-suited to those with warm complexions. I could see this looking kinda off on someone with pinker skin, so bear that in mind. However, most foundation brands don’t usually offer a very fair foundation with warm tones; they’re usually always cool toned, which is annoying. Just because I’m pale does not mean I have cool toned skin! So I’m quite thrilled that Sephora has a higher end pale foundation that looks great on my warm-toned skin. I would definitely repurchase.


On to the lipstick ( or lip gel, as Marc Jacobs calls them. ) I got the color Scandal, and it’s described as a warm red. Now, most of the time when a lipstick is called a “warm red,” that tends to be code for “orange-not-really-red-at-all,” but in this case, it really is a flattering red that has warm tones. It doesn’t pull orange on me, and it feels so lightweight and comfortable, with a slight staining effect.





“Scandal” is part of the limited edition spring shades, and I bought the very last one at my Sephora. They are still available on the Sephora website, so if you are interested, go grab one before they are gone. I have been wanting to try something from Marc Jacob’s collection, and I’m so glad I got this lip gel. It has a semi-matte finish, but it isn’t drying. It actually seems hydrating. It’s one of those lipsticks that just brightens my complexion in a great way. Also, the packaging is just…gorgeous. It comes in this sleek black matte tube, and the cap is magnetized so the lipstick doesn’t come open in your purse. It feels heavy and luxe.

Wearing the Sephora Airbrush foundation in fair and the Marc Jacobs Lip gel in Scandal
Wearing the Sephora Airbrush foundation in fair and the Marc Jacobs Lip gel in Scandal



I’m really happy with both the foundation and the lipstick, and I would recommend both!

7 thoughts on “Review: Sephora Airbrush Foundation and Marc Jacobs Matte Lip Gel”

  1. the lip color looks good on you ❤ Oh and I'm wondering does the sephora foundation lasts long? 🙂


  2. Ooohbhh I have always LOVE that orangey shade of red! I think i misses the matte lip gels when I was in the counter, and after reading ur wonderful review about the airspray foundation, I really want to try them!


  3. Sharice, if I touch up with powder the airbrush foundation lasts forever. The longest I have worn it is fourteen hours, and it still looked good. Thanks for reading! And LY, I love this shade of red too! The matte lip gels are all still available on the Sephora website, so go check them out! I appreciate the comments!


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