Review: Forever 21 Creme Lipstick in Fiery Red


I have said it before and I will say it again. Forever 21 has some seriously great lipsticks. Since Forever 21 is a store that’s known for its trendy bargain clothes, it isn’t necessarily the first place many people would shop for makeup. But every single time I have bought makeup from them, I have been really impressed by the products. Case in point: I love their crème lipstick in Fiery Red.


I think the name “Fiery Red” basically sums up what color this lipstick is. It is quite possibly the most pigment-heavy lipstick I have used, and it’s absurdly, daringly, unapologetically red. It is bright and with one swipe, you get full opacity. Even my beloved Sephora Cream lip stain is not as pigmented and bold as this is!

It is more of a true red than a blue-based one, and I can detect very slight pink tones to it. The finish is another thing that I like about it. It is shiny and glossy, and looks like red patent leather on the lips. Even better, it’s the most hydrating lipstick I have used. After I take it off, my lips don’t have that tight, stretched feeling that a lot of lipsticks give them. They feel moisturized, more like I’ve been wearing chapstick. Many pigmented lipsticks are really drying, but definitely not this one. And it LASTS. For hours and hours. Honestly, for a lipstick that’s $3.80, this easily outperforms many of its more expensive counterparts.


The only con I can think of is that because it is so pigmented, it must be applied very precisely or it will look messy. But if you are willing to spend an extra minute or two being careful about staying in your lip lines, then this is the perfect bright, shiny red lipstick. It’s proof that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to get a quality product.

2 thoughts on “Review: Forever 21 Creme Lipstick in Fiery Red”

  1. I agree. Forever 21 has some nice lipsticks. I never even knew they carried cosmetics. I’ve seen nail polishes here and there but now I see lipsticks and eye shadow palettes. I picked up a hot pink lipstick not too long ago and it is great. Pigmented, long lasting and cheap!
    This is a very nice bold red.


  2. Yes ma’am it sure is! I absolutely love their lipsticks, and now they even have a Premium Beauty collection, which is even better than the Love and Beauty stuff. Ooh did you get their hot pink lipstick called Miami Pink? It’s one of my favorites! As always, thank you for commenting!


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