Review: Nars Matte Multiple in Laos


After I tried the matte multiple in Siam, I liked it so much that I decided to get Laos as well. Where Siam is bold and dramatic, Laos is like its more subdued and wearable sister. Described as a rosy coral on the Nars website, it looks more like a pale mauve on me, with slight coral tones. Also, depending on how much you apply, the color can vary a lot, from an almost nude color to a full-on pinky-mauve. In short, it’s a great color for those days when you don’t want to bother with a lot of makeup, and just want to add some natural color to your cheeks and lips.



I find it to be just as blendable as Siam, but much less drying, which surprised me. It is more comfortable than Siam to wear as a lipstick, and it doesn’t require the crazy exfoliating I have to do if I want Siam to look good on my lips. However, I think the color of Laos is a bit too pale for my lips. My lips are naturally pretty pigmented, and Laos can wash them out since it’s lighter than their natural shade. So, I like using it as a blush the best. It adds very pretty, natural color to my cheeks, and it also lasts for ages with no touch-ups. I like the finish of the matte multiples so much; they are colorful, yes, but they somehow look natural and have a very skin-like finish. What I like to do is use Laos on my cheeks and Siam on my lips…I love these matte multiples! Siam is still my favorite, because it is just a more unique color, but I really like Laos as well. Now that I have tried two of them, I can safely say that these are definitely something I would recommend and repurchase. ( In these pictures I am wearing Laos on my cheeks and lips.)




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