Review: Nyx Butter Lipsticks


Nyx is one of those brands I can always count on to have colorful, unique products that don’t cost much at all. Case in point? Their new Butter Lipsticks are amazing. I got two of them recently, a bright orange called “Hot Tamale” and a stunning violet called “Hunk.” I really like orange and purple lipstick, and these did not disappoint. The name “Butter” fits them so well, because when you put them on, they glide on very smoothly and creamily, like butter. Seriously, they feel like lipbalm. And the colors are gorgeous. Hot Tamale is a vibrant, in-your-face orange, and Hunk is a moody shade of violet-purple. I did these swatches with just one swipe of product, so you can tell that they are pretty pigmented.


They are really buildable, so I had to put on several coats to get full opacity. They just feel so luxurious going on. Of course, because they are so creamy, they don’t have the same longevity as Nyx’s Matte lipsticks, for example, but I was expecting that, and I’m fine with it. I really like these, and Nyx has many more colors available. I want to get Licorice and Big Cherry next!

This is what Hunk looks like on the lips.



And this is Hot Tamale. It is more pigmented than Hunk.



Also, I’m wearing The Nudes by Maybelline on my eyes. I know I said that the eyehadows were kinda sheer, but they have grown on me bigtime. Because they are buildable, I have more control over the eye look I want to create. Here I am using the shades from the neutral quad.


And that’s it, folks!


11 thoughts on “Review: Nyx Butter Lipsticks”

  1. Nice! I’ve been wanting to try orange and purple lipsticks without spending a lot, these are great options!


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