Review: Forever 21 Metallic Wonder Eyeshadow Palette

I hauled a bunch of Forever 21 makeup recently, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m happy with all of it. I have several products I want to show to you guys, starting with this beautiful baked eyeshadow palette, called Metallic Wonder. It comes with eight shadows, each with a stunning metallic finish, and with colors ranging from blackest black to pale champagne to rich bronze.  It comes with the standard foam applicator, but also has a small double-ended blending brush that I actually quite like. Actually, there isn’t anything about this palette that I don’t like. The colors are rich and pigmented, and the shadows themselves have this lustrous, gleaming metallic finish that rivals much higher-end eyeshadows I’ve tried. They blend easily, and all the colors look great together. Often with palettes, there’s at least one shadow that I don’t use as much, but with this, they’re all gorgeous.


The two larger shadows on the left are a very dark black with silver microglitter and a pale champagne color that is perfect to highlight your browbone. Then, in the top row of the smaller eyeshadows, there is a light bronze, a super-pigmented copper (my favorite) and a deeper bronze. Then, the three shadows on the bottom row are a rose gold, a deep plum with red microglitter, and a a really deep blackened purple with green microglitter. They’re all so darn pigmented and gleaming…I love that these are baked shadows, because there isn’t any fallout, and although the finish is very metallic, there aren’t any chunks of glitter; they just gleam.

I wanted to show you how sparkly and metallic they are, so here are a few close ups of some of the shadows!

148 138 143 147

And of course, here are swatches of all the colors. The pigmentation of these is superb, even without primer.

157 155

(I just added two pictures because the lighting was different in each one.) That’s the two big shadows on the far left, then the next three are from the top row, and the last three are from the bottom row (none of the colors have names.) If you have green eyes, like me, then this palette is your new best friend. All of the colors make my eyes look really green, and I love the metallic sheen they give my lids. I may prefer matte lipsticks, but I’m all about a metallic, gleaming eyeshadow.


Here I just did a bronzey look for day, but this is one of those palettes that you can really amp up if you’re going out on the town. Seriously, I love this palette! There’s not a thing about it I don’t like, and it only costs $5.80. Five measly dollars…it’s so worth it. 😉


11 thoughts on “Review: Forever 21 Metallic Wonder Eyeshadow Palette”

    1. I got such good pigmentation when swatching them dry that I haven’t even tried them wet yet. They are LOADED with pigment. If you try it, I hope you like it!


    1. Forever 21 makeup isn’t something you usually hear much about in the cosmetics world, but I personally think they offer great products for very cheap prices!


    1. Exactly! They go on the most pigmented if I’m using my fingers to apply, and then I just blend out with the little brush. They’re a lot more pigmented than, say, Maybelline’s The Nudes palette. Thanks for reading!


  1. That palette has my name all over it! (sure it does) It’s really gorgeous and I love metallic eyeshadows! (especially neutral-ish ones) Hmm… need to find out more!


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