Review: Skin Nutritions Ultimate Skincare System


As promised, here are my thoughts on the Skin Nutritions set that I picked up from my Dollar Tree Haul.  I got the whole set for just $3, and it includes a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. I was really interested to see what these products would be like, since they were so cheap and because I couldn’t find reviews for them anywhere else on the internet. As it turns out, two of the products I like and one did not suit my skin at all.

The facial cleanser
The facial cleanser

First up, I’ll talk about the cleanser. It has a nice, fresh scent that reminds me of Noxzema, and it claims to cleanse skin with a rich lather, removing makeup, impurities, and pollutants. It is paraben-free, and promises not to dry out the skin. My verdict? It actually does what it claims to do. It’s a nice, basic cleanser that easily removed my makeup and left my skin feeling very clean and balanced. It didn’t dry my skin out, but I did notice a tiny bit of  tightness after using it, so if your skin is very dry, I’d definitely use a moisturizer with it. This was my favorite product from the set.

The toner--Clinique dupe?
The toner–Clinique dupe?

The toner (or clarifying lotion, as the bottle says) reminds me a lot of Clinique’s toner from their 3-step kit, except I actually like the Skin Nutritions one better. It has several antioxidants in it, including coffee berry, bilberry, and chestnut rose. Now, because my skin is very sensitive, I can’t use any toner that often because the alcohol destroys my skin, BUT if your skin is straight-up oily and not combination then I think you would like this a lot. Like the Clinique toner, it has witch hazel and menthol in it, so if you like that bracing, cooling sensation then this is for you. It looks and smells just like the Clinique one, and they seem like dupes to me. Bottom line: a good toner for oily skin, but maybe not if your skin is sensitive.

The moisturizer that didn't, well, moisturize.
The moisturizer that didn’t, well, moisturize.

And now, my thoughts on the moisturizer. This was the item I was most excited about, because it contained grape seed oil and hyaluronates, and so I thought it would be really hydrating. But it just…wasn’t.  This is marketed as a “youth perfecting” moisturizer that prevents lines and boosts moisture, but for my skin at least, that wasn’t really the case. No matter how much I used, my skin just sucked it up within seconds and felt even dryer than it was before. I like the texture and the smell of it (and the fact that it’s a lovely shade of salmon-pink), but it just wasn’t right for my skin. I can’t see anyone with drier skin than mine being able to use this. It did also start making me break out again, although I kind of thought it might—it contains mineral oil and petrolatum, two known pore-cloggers.  However, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t try it; it is, after all, only a mere dollar. That’s the beauty of this whole set: it’s so cheap that I think it’s worth a try. Everyone’s skin is different, and someone else might love this.

The moisturizer on the left, and the cleanser on the right.
The moisturizer on the left, and the cleanser on the right.

There are some interesting ingredients in these, and although I wouldn’t say that these are my new favorites, they have potential. If you just want to try one, then get the cleanser. If you want a Clinique dupe, then grab the toner. And if you have acne-prone/dry skin, then stay away from the moisturizer–honestly, I could only see it working for someone with supremely oily skin that doesn’t need a ton of moisture and who never gets pimples. If that’s your skintype then hey, it’s a dollar!

Two little announcements: I set up a Bloglovin’ for my blog, so feel free to follow me! Also, Born Pretty Store contacted me to review some products for them, so I should have a cool haul coming up for you ladies. They also gave me a 10% off code just for my readers, which is AKFH10. As always, thank you all for reading!


28 thoughts on “Review: Skin Nutritions Ultimate Skincare System”

  1. I saw your original post about these and I was wondering how they turned out for you. I have to say your pretty brave to try these products. My skin is so sensitive I don’t think I would have been willing to gamble on dollar products. Neat post!


    1. My skin’s really sensitive too, but I thought they were worth a try! It did take a while for my acne flare-up to go away because of my reaction to the moisturizer, but hey, anything for my blog! Thank you for reading!

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  2. I have extremely dry skin on certain parts of my face, and I’ve tried out this product. For me, the moisturizer works well, so I think it’s interesting to see how it works for other people. It honestly worked as well as the various lotions I’ve tried (even better in some cases! My skin is difficult. ) but it works well like dreams ik for when I apply it.
    Just my experience though.


    1. Wow, that is really interesting! On my skin, it was sooo drying, but I’m glad it worked well for you! It just goes to show how different our skin can be. Thank you for commenting!


  3. I’m mixed with sensitive and dry skin. These are the only products I can use on my face that wont dry my skin out or cause a reaction. I was skeptical and didnt even touch them for a few weeks after receiving them, but I’m happy they work so well for me


  4. I was thrilled to find these at the dollar tree, I bought many sets for gifts also! So far the moisturizer is the only one I have used, and I love it! Works well for me! Will be using the others soon, taking these little babies on vacation with me 😀


  5. I use the cleanser and moisturizer and love both. I use witch hazel for a toner because it does not dry my skin out so, I have not tried the toner.


  6. I like them all but, the moisturizer felt a little waxy to me. I put loose minerals to use as a highlighting tinted moisturizer and also mixed in a primer and it is great for an unmake up day or as a luminizing primer. They also have an undereye roller ball that works well.


  7. Hey! Thanks for blogging this! I bought a bag full of these products bec they are not from the Dollar Tree marketing! I did not like the moisturizer!!! It broke me out! When I go to the Dollar tree, they never have the face wash!!! I liked it to!! I still use the toner though. I wish I’d find step 1! Oh, yesterday I bought a bag of their skin nutrients eye roller and dark spot roller!!! Just one dollar for the same stuff that is out there! I’m in albuq NM I hope to find it again! Maybe the run out the day they stock them! I better buddie up with a employee at Dollar Tree! Lol


  8. Great Blog! I LOVE this set and the moisterizer is my favorite! My skin is combination but not very sensitive so I was happy to try a skin care system from “The 99 cent store” (here in Southern California). I was pleasently surprised. I just spent $81 on a Mary Kay skin care system. I’ll be going back to the $1 store next time for sure!


  9. Hope that you don’t mind an old woman loving & following your blog. Found you while looking for skinutritions reviews. I’ve been blessed with skin that hasn’t wrinkled much & find that, except for eye & neck creams, products that work on younger skin work really well on mine also. Your writing style is friendly, helpful & not full of BS taken directly from product manufacturer propaganda. I subscribed & am looking forward to reading more from you!


  10. Thank you so much for the review. I have tried all 3 steps and like all of them. They seem too good to be true. How can they really be so good and cost so little?


  11. Hello,😊 I just got these products today. So far I am loving them! For the price it has a very luxurious feel and aroma. I paid $5 at Family Dollar because my Dollar Tree does not sell these particular products. I noticed my moisturizer is a bit different from yours, mine says “Skin Brightening Intensive Moisturizer”…try that one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed..I have dry sensitive skin too. Anyway thanks for sharing your experience.


    1. *actually I just noticed all of your products are slightly different from mine. The cleanser has Shea butter, aloe toner is blue with argan perhaps this $5 package is slightly different and more moisturizing.


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