Dupes for Kat Von D’s Lolita

Hi guys! Today I just wanted to share with you some alternatives for the ever-popular Kat Von D lipstick in Lolita. It’s a dusty rose color that seems to be permanently sold out, so I thought I would look through my collection and find some dupes!



From left to right we have Jordana Matte lipstick in Mystery, KVD Lolita, Maybelline Creamy Matte in Touch of Spice, and lastly, Sephora + Pantone’s new lipstick in Marsala. None of these are 100% spot on dupes; Mystery is pinker, Touch of Spice is slightly more mauve, and Marsala has more brown in it.  Touch of Spice and Marsala are really close once they’re on the lips, though!

The closest dupe I have found is…Wet n Wild’s Megalast lipstick in Spiked With Rum.


Here is Spiked With Rum swatched next to Lolita:


As you can hopefully tell, the colors are quite similar! To me, the biggest difference is that Lolita has a very flat matte finish and Spiked With Rum is more of a semi-matte finish—although personally, I prefer the finish of the Wet n Wild lipstick! It isn’t anywhere near as drying as the KVD lipstick, in my opinion. Also, Spiked With Rum is a mere $2, while Lolita is $20. You really can’t complain!

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