Review: Wet n Wild Here’s to the Wild Ones Fall 2015 Collection

Finally found this new fall collection by one of my favorite drugstore brands, Wet n Wild! I trolled all my local drugstores until I found it ( you fellow beauty addicts know what I mean!) and my patience (obsessiveness) certainly paid off—it’s gorgeous!


I got four of the LE Megalast lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette that I thought would look best with my green eyes. Ladies and germs…we have five winners right here!

Here’s the eyeshadow palette, in The Gal-lery Next Door. It has a good mix of muted and more sparkly purples, which I liked because it’s versatile enough for work or the club.



Look at that eyelid shade! So pretty. I swatched these without primer, on my arm, just to see how they performed without any additional help.


As you can see, minus primer they don’t seem as vibrant, but I expected that. Just use any eye primer under them and they live up to their true potential. Here they are on my eyes, again without primer:


The true shining stars here are, of course, the lipsticks. Wet n Wild’s lipsticks are my favorite from the drugstore and possibly of any lipsticks, and these did not disappoint.


Can….you….even….? Look at those colors! From left to right, we have Celeb Sighting, a neon orange-red, Vintage Vibe, a berry purple, Photobomb, a rusty brown that made me go ham with love, and Coffee Buzz, an extremely dark and extremely unique color–it’s a blackened plum with a lot of brown in it. My inner Goth practically cried with love for these. They have a satin-matte finish but go on so creamily.

Here’s Celeb Sighting, one of my faves, below:


Here is Vintage Vibe, below. I thought that the permanent shade Sugarplum Fairy would be a dupe for it, but this one is more purple and darker.


Here is another favorite, Photobomb, below. It’s such a weird but wonderful color.


And lastly here is the glorious Coffee Buzz.


The only problem here is that they’re limited edition! Wet n Wild always kills it with their fall collections, and this one is no exception.

6 thoughts on “Review: Wet n Wild Here’s to the Wild Ones Fall 2015 Collection”

  1. I’m in love with this year’s fall collection from them, and I’m also sad they’re limited edition because I feel the need to stock up on Photobomb and Coffee Buzz! They both look wonderful on you šŸ™‚


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