Review: New ColourPop Fall 2015 Ultra Mattes!

Do you guys ever have that moment when you put on a lipstick and you immediately think, “Yep. That’s me. That’s my lipstick.” It’s your trademark, the perfect color—sexy, daring, and bold, and you feel fierce as heck in it. That’s what I experienced when I tried out two of ColourPop’s new Fall ultra matte shades, and I fell hard for one of them. May I introduce you to First Class and Chilly Chili?


First Class is a vivid neon orange-red, with ever-so-slight hints of coral. Chilly Chili is hard to describe—it’s like a reddened brown, but with plum and gray in it as well. I think ColourPop did an amazing job picking out gorgeous yet unique shades for this collection! Here’s a quick arm swatch:


I knew immediately that I would like First Class, but I had no idea just how much I would love it until I put it on. It is BRIGHT. The word “neon” in its description is no joke—this is much brighter than it seems in my pictures. However, I am obsessed with it—this is the perfect orange shade I’ve always wanted. It’s like an orange highlighter for your lips. It’s like a flaming rose. It’s like Gerard Way’s hair from Danger Days. It’s my favorite shade from ColourPop yet. Here it is on my fair, neutral-gold skin:


And one more, just for fun:


Now, I don’t want to neglect Chilly Chili. I also quite liked it, and it was a much creamier formula than First Class–the finish on First Class is a true flat matte (my favorite finish) while Chilly Chili has a bit more sheen to it. This is such a weird, grungey shade, but I’m digging it.


Both of these aren’t drying and last all day, like the other Ultra Mattes. I love First Class so much that I bought two back-ups because it is, sadly, limited edition. ColourPop, I know y’all will never read my small and insignificant blog, but on the off-chance that you do, pleeeeaaase make First Class a permanent addition!

PS. Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Review: New ColourPop Fall 2015 Ultra Mattes!”

  1. I just ordered a whole bunch of these myself. I got 4 different shades and I love them all. Trap is my favourite. I did a review on my blog as well. I also purchased two highlighters, which I love. Have you tried any other of their products?


    1. Yes! I have tons of their stuff! The Ultra Mattes are my favorites though. I got Trap, and it’s an amazing color, but it was just too pale for me; it washed me out bigtime! Glad it worked out for you. I will definitely check out your review as well! xoxo


  2. How’s the transfer on Chilly Chili? I’ve heard people say it transfers like crazy and I’ve heard people say it’s very minimal. And is it tacky at all? I love the color, but what I’ve heard about the formula makes me hesitant to get it!


    1. Just in my experience, I haven’t noticed much transfer. Once it dries, it’s on for a while. The trick with these ultra mattes is to really prep your lips—definitely exfoliate them, and put on a balm to smooth them, but then BE SURE to wipe off ALL of the balm—I’ve noticed that these ultra mattes go on best with nothing under them. I would say get it, personally. It’s a lovely color. 🙂


      1. Thank goodness. I have the old dry formula and love the transfer-free-ness of it so when I heard people say that the new ones transferred I was like oh noooooo and I’ve been debating ever since. Hopefully it won’t be sold out by the time I actually place an order! #broke


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