Review: Nyx Invincible Full Coverage Foundation

As I’ve mentioned, my skin is far from perfect, so when I heard that my beloved Nyx had just come out with a full-coverage foundation, I ordered it right away. It was a bit difficult to pick a shade off the internet, but finally I went with “Ivory.” It was described as a yellow toned foundation, but I thought that would be good to correct some of the blazing redness in my face. According to Nyx, this product offers the fullest coverage of any foundation in their line, and leaves skin matte and flawless. Just what I was looking for!


The packaging is pretty simple, just a black plastic squeeze tube, and none of the ingredients listed on the back were anything that breaks me out. As a side note, this product contains glycerin, dimethicone, and tocopheryl acetate, and might provide a bit of moisture. When I swatched it on my hand though, I was aghast. It looked so dark! And orange! As you can see in the picture, this does not look like a shade for fair skin, and I was pretty disappointed at first because I thought I would have to return it.



Fortunately, I decided to wear it anyway, and once I blended it out, it had turned extremely pale. The swatch on my hand looked nothing like the product on my face, but that’s a good thing. On to the foundation: Firstly, although this is advertised as full coverage, it really isn’t. With some layering, I got a medium level of coverage, but definitely not the “fullest coverage” that was promised. So, if you’re wanting this to use on break-out days, or to cover a scar/birthmark/tattoo/ etc, you’re going to have to layer a powder foundation over it to get more coverage. This might cover up freckles, but if you have severe acne, for example, this won’t do the trick. Also, it does feel a bit heavy, and can be hard to blend because it dries really fast. I’ve applied it over primer and over bare skin, and with a balm over the top, but to me, the easiest way to apply it so it doesn’t dry before you can blend it properly is to mix a drop of the foundation with a thin primer, like Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, and then to add some luminizer, like Revlon Skinlights, so that your face doesn’t look flat, and then blend it in using a brush. It looks decent applied with my fingers too, but when I tried to use a sponge it soaked up too much of the product. Also, I wouldn’t say that the finish is matte. It might just be my very oily skin, but I definitely need to set it with a powder. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. This is not a bad product by any means. In terms of consistency and performance, this is like a hybrid of Revlon Colorstay and Urban Decay Naked Foundation, with the thickness of a BB cream. That’s what it reminded me of. Yeah, it isn’t a perfect foundation, but I do like it because it is one of the palest foundations I have ever found. It may look very dark straight from the tube, but I think any pale skinned chick would be able to find a match in this line. It actually matches my skin really well, as you can see from this picture. Not too pink or yellow.


The shade selection looks pretty expansive, also. They had a good range of fair tones and dark tones, with cool, warm, and neutral undertones, so props to Nyx for that. Also, if you are willing to work with the foundation, you can totally make it wearable. It is very long lasting, another bonus point. It doesn’t oxidize, either, so the color you put on in the morning stays the same all day without turning that annoying orange by midafternoon. If your skin is pretty good, not too oily, and you don’t need full coverage, then you would probably like this a lot. Good shade range, good lasting power, and is inexpensive. It isn’t my HG, but it is certainly worth checking out!

Also, if anyone was interested, I ordered seventeen products from Forever 21’s Premium Cosmetics line, and will do a full review or video once they arrive. (I’m wearing that Hollywood Red lipstick from their line in this review.)

Favorite Everyday Skincare products


Today I just wanted to talk about my favorite skincare products that I use on a daily basis. I feel like I’ve tried hundreds of products other the years to find a skincare routine that works for my face and body. Now, I’m not one of those lucky people who has been blessed with great skin. I have acne, and sensitive skin, and while most cleansers dry me out, most moisturizers break me out. I have dark circles, pre-rosacea, very oily skin, and acne scars on my face, and I think I’ve finally got a facial routine that keeps those issues under control. The skin on my body is dry, so I like my body lotion rich.


For my face, I love my Noxzema Bacteria Fighting Cleanser. Its active ingredient is triclosan, which is in antibacterial hand soap. That made me a little hesitant to use it on my face at first–I was afraid it would dry me out or make my acne worse. But I tried it, and I’m so glad I did. It has helped my acne so much! Before, I was covered in cystic acne (oh joy) but this unclogs my pores and kills the pimple-causing bacteria on my face…WITHOUT turning my skin into the Sahara desert. It’s actually moisturizing, and contains aloe to soothe skin. It is very thick, and smells like Noxzema’s trademark clean scent. Plus, you only have to use a teeny bit to get a creamy lather going. My next favorite is Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Wash. This is a great, basic facial cleanser. I only picked this up because it was on sale for a dollar, and I was out of my other wash. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it though! For one. whole. dollar, this cannot be beat. It’s got a thin, liquid consistency, and smells subtly floral. I had never even heard of the Sea Breeze Naturals line, but apparently its main goal is to cut back on chemical ingredients and include more plant-based ones, like mint and camphor. It cleans my skin really well, and takes off makeup in a flash. Really beneficial for oily skin.

For my moisturizer, I am in love with Elizabeth Arden Matte Moisture Lotion. Not only does it control oil, but it also clears up acne even better than more expensive treatments (*ahem Proactive*). I know everyone’s skin is different, but for anyone with acne or oily skin, this is highly recommended. It is $34, but it actually works. It feels much more like a serum than a moisturizer, honestly. With a milky consistency, it absorbs immediately, and is very gentle. It has a whole long list of skin-loving ingredients, like rosemary, lemon, grapeseed, and witch-hazel. It has normalized my complexion drastically. For my eye cream, I use Atopalm Daytime Under Makeup Cream–clearly not intended as an eye cream, but it works well. I had originally gotten it for my face, but oddly it wasn’t very hydrating there, although it works under my eyes just fine. Very gentle.

My absolute favorite face primer is the divine Revlon Photoready Primer, which comes in a perfecting translucent option or a color correcting lavender one. I can’t say enough how great this primer is! Often I wear it by itself, because it brightens and corrects and controls oil so well that heck, I don’t even need foundation. It fills in my acne scars and lasts for a good twelve hours. For anyone who likes to wear a little something on their face but doesn’t want a full face of foundation, this is for you. This primer is light ages better than ALL of the high-end ones I have tried. For my lips, I’m currently liking the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue balm, the clear version with menthol. Very hydrating!022
And lastly, my favorite body lotion is Curel Daily Moisture Lotion for dry skin. Not only does it smell fresh and clean, but it seriously makes my skin feel super soft and drenched in moisture for 24 hours. It doesn’t take long to absorb, either!
Well, those are my favorites, folks. What about you? Got any must-have skincare products?

New Forever 21 Premium Makeup Review!

Hello ladies! Like many of you, I have been really excited about Forever 21’s new Premium Makeup Collection. I have tried some of the lipsticks from their old line, which I actually really liked, so I couldn’t wait to try some of their brand new collection. I looked at it all online, and while I was surprised by the rather high prices, I ended up ordering one of the new lipsticks and one of the new cream eyeshadows, along with a nail polish from the Love and Beauty line. I am a self-confessed lipstick hoarder, so I had to buy the shade Hollywood Red, because it looked like a really beautiful, blue based red judging from the pictures online. I selected the cream shadow because I wanted something pretty and wearable for day, and the shade Shiitake looked like an attractive shimmery taupe, perfect for my green eyes! I tore into the box as soon as the postman brought it, and immediately I liked the packaging of this new line.  The lipstick and the eyeshadow were both packaged in very sophisticated, black matte packages, very minimalistic and much, much more upscale than the Love and Beauty line.  I especially liked the frosted glass jar that the cream shadow came in–it really looks a lot nicer than what I expected.  I swatched them on my hand, and both were creamy and pigmented.IMG_4899

The red is gorgeous! It isn’t some wimpy, pink leaning red, but a bold, blue based one that pulls neutral on me and would look good on a variety of different skin tones. I could see both a really pale chick, like me, and a darker skinned beauty looking equally good in this color. The cream eyeshadow is very smooth and actually feels hydrating. It goes on easily and after several hours of wear, it hasn’t creased, which really surprised me. It is a fabulous natural shade that has just enough shimmer to look sultry, but not so much that it looks trashy. I really like it.IMG_4882

I found the lipstick to be smooth and creamy when I applied it, and it reminds me a lot of  Nyx Amsterdam, except bolder and deeper.

IMG_4886 IMG_4892

I am really loving both so far.


Also,  I swatched the nail polish on one nail out of curiosity. It is a deep, wine red with hints of purple, appropriately called Sangria. Very pretty.

IMG_4912 452

Just in case  anyone wanted to know, the other products I used were Rimmel Stay Matte primer, Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Ivory, Nyx HD finishing powder, and  Physicians Formula CC mascara in Ultra Black. Hope all this helps you decide if you want to try this line or not. Personally, I liked the products and plan to buy more. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but I am pretty impressed with how Forever 21 is stepping up their game. I definitely recommend the lipstick and the cream eyeshadows.

Garnier BB cream

Garnier BB cream for oily skin review
Garnier BB cream for oily skin review

Today I tried the Garnier Skin Renew BB cream for oily skin. It is only available in two shades, so I got light/medium. I’m not sure why beauty brands can’t add in more shades for their BB creams. Often, the very pale, like me, and the very dark get completely left out. When I did a swatch on my arm, it looked way too dark and orange, but I was determined to try it anyway. I have Garnier’s original BB cream, but it made my skin very greasy, so I was hoping this one would be more suited to my complexion. It claimed to leave a matte finish and stop shine with mineral pigments. Its consistency was creamy, not too thick, with a faint sunscreen smell. I applied it to my bare skin, and at first, it seemed to match, as you can see in the picture I took right after application. My skin is very fair, but once I blended this, it seemed to melt into my skin. I had not used a moisturizer, just to see how hydrating this BB cream was, and while it did give my face some moisture, I would say that it didn’t quite hydrate my skin like I wanted it to. I set it with L’Oreal Translucide powder for a natural finish, then went to my classes. After awhile, I noticed that my face was starting to feel itchy, so I went to the bathroom to investigate. The BB cream had oxidized to an unflattering orange that looked very unnatural, and my face was greasy. If one of the purposes of this BB cream is to control oil, it didn’t do a very good job of it. I was so disappointed, because at first it had looked so good on my skin, but after a few hours of wear time, it was just heavy and dark, not matte at all. I tried to make it work out by adding more powder, but I was soon oily again, and my face continued to feel itchy, maybe from the fragrance in it. After I washed my face that evening, my skin did look improved from the BB cream, but having to cake on powder every hour to keep it matte sort of detracted from its skincare benefits. I probably would not repurchase, although I’m sure this product would work much better for someone who doesn’t have pale skin, and who has a dry complexion.

Garnier Oil Cleanser for dry skin

Today I will be reviewing the new Garnier Cleansing Oil for dry skin. This is one of the first oil cleansers available on the Western market, so needless to say I was excited to try it out. Although my skin is combination in the worst sense of the word (somehow very oily and very dry at the same time) and quite acne-prone, I still wanted to try it. I have made my own cleansing oils in the past, but was dissatisfied with them and wanted to see how this one compared. Now, I will say that one of the main ingredients in this is mineral oil–great for dry skin, but something that many consumers are hesitant to put on their faces. My skin seems to be okay with mineral oil, so I bought it anyway. Garnier claims that this oil “dissolves impurities and long wear makeup” while moisturizing dry skin with jojoba and macadamia oils, with no oily residue. Sounds good, right? On a dry face, I used three pumps of the oil. My first impression was wow, that’s a strong fragrance! For those of you who are sensitive to heavy perfumes in cosmetics, this one has a very strong floral scent which does fade away fairly quickly. Although it is a thick oil, it felt very soothing to massage it onto my face, and it did immediately dissolve my makeup. I had worn the everlasting Revlon Colorstay, but this oil cleaned it away with almost no effort. I massaged it into my skin for five minutes, then added warm water to emulsify the oil, as the directions advised. While the oil had been thick and warm on my dry face, as soon as it made contact with the water, it turned into this beautiful, creamy milk (that’s the best way to describe it) that definitely hydrated my skin. I rinsed it away and didn’t notice any residue, only clean, nourished skin. I used it for a month before writing a review just to see how my notoriously sensitive and pimply skin would respond to it. It moisturized my skin, minimized redness, got rid of eyemakeup better than anything I have used before, and did a phenomenal job giving me clean-feeling skin. The caveat? It did make me break out. Badly. HOWEVER, I don’t hold that against the product, because it says specifically it is for dry skin, not for preventing acne. I knew it was a gamble for me to try it, and I wasn’t expecting it to clear my acne. It did exactly what it said it would, and for someone with dry skin, I would highly recommend this. Anyone with more mature skin would probably love this, as would someone with sensitive skin, because this does not strip the skin. For someone with acne, like me, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I still give it a grade of A-, because again, it is marketed as a product for dry skin, not pimples.