Review: Wet n Wild Here’s to the Wild Ones Fall 2015 Collection

Finally found this new fall collection by one of my favorite drugstore brands, Wet n Wild! I trolled all my local drugstores until I found it ( you fellow beauty addicts know what I mean!) and my patience (obsessiveness) certainly paid off—it’s gorgeous!


I got four of the LE Megalast lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette that I thought would look best with my green eyes. Ladies and germs…we have five winners right here!

Here’s the eyeshadow palette, in The Gal-lery Next Door. It has a good mix of muted and more sparkly purples, which I liked because it’s versatile enough for work or the club.



Look at that eyelid shade! So pretty. I swatched these without primer, on my arm, just to see how they performed without any additional help.


As you can see, minus primer they don’t seem as vibrant, but I expected that. Just use any eye primer under them and they live up to their true potential. Here they are on my eyes, again without primer:


The true shining stars here are, of course, the lipsticks. Wet n Wild’s lipsticks are my favorite from the drugstore and possibly of any lipsticks, and these did not disappoint.


Can….you….even….? Look at those colors! From left to right, we have Celeb Sighting, a neon orange-red, Vintage Vibe, a berry purple, Photobomb, a rusty brown that made me go ham with love, and Coffee Buzz, an extremely dark and extremely unique color–it’s a blackened plum with a lot of brown in it. My inner Goth practically cried with love for these. They have a satin-matte finish but go on so creamily.

Here’s Celeb Sighting, one of my faves, below:


Here is Vintage Vibe, below. I thought that the permanent shade Sugarplum Fairy would be a dupe for it, but this one is more purple and darker.


Here is another favorite, Photobomb, below. It’s such a weird but wonderful color.


And lastly here is the glorious Coffee Buzz.


The only problem here is that they’re limited edition! Wet n Wild always kills it with their fall collections, and this one is no exception.

Review: Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks NEW SHADES

After exploring all the drugstores and Wal-Marts in two cities, I FINALLY managed to find these elusive yet beautiful lipsticks! I wanted to get this review and these swatches up as soon as I could for you guys, because I know people are dying to see what these look like. So, without further ado…


From left to right: Blushing Pout, Pink Sugar, Vibrant Violet, All Fired Up, Rich Ruby, and Burgundy Blush.


For the sake of showing you what these lipsticks look like on my skintone, I also took lots of awkward lip swatch pics.


This is Blushing Pout, above. As you can probably tell, I’m not too crazy about it. I got it because I heard it was a dupe for Nars Anna, but it isn’t. It reminds me more of MAC Snob—a pale, cool-toned pink that really washes me out. It is more cool-toned and has less lavender in it than Lust for Blush, one of the original Creamy Mattes. If you have darker, cool-toned skin, you might like this, but for you fair skinned chicks out there, I probably would pass on this one.


This one is Pink Sugar, a yellow-based pink. It’s unusual to find a warm-toned pink, so I was glad Maybelline included one this time around.


Here is the lovely All Fired Up, which is much brighter than it appears! It’s a very neon coral red, and it’s one of those perfect summer shades. Love it!


Vibrant Violet! So pretty! I am a sucker for purple lipsticks, and if they’re also creamy and smooth, then all the better. 🙂


I’m always going to gravitate towards a good red lip, and Rich Ruby is one of the best reds I’ve seen in a while. It’s a moody deep red, very creamy and glam.


Last but not least, here is Burgundy Blush. This one may be my favorite–it reminds me a lot of Lady by ColourPop, but it’s darker, richer, and has a bit less brown in it. I love this kind of shade. If you liked Lady, you need this too. It’s so film-noir and dramatic, not your typical drugstore lipstick.

I wanted to compare three of these to lipsticks I already own, so here are some swatches:


From left to right, Vibrant Violet by Maybelline, Milani Matte Glam, Blushing Pout by Maybelline, Pink Pout by Revlon, Lust for Blush by Maybelline, Burgundy Blush by Maybelline, and Lady by ColourPop.


Review: New Wet n Wild products for 2015 (pic heavy!)

Today I just wanted to share my thoughts and my swatches of some of the new Wet n Wild 2015 makeup. I tried to pick up a variety of different products to show you guys, to give you an idea of what this new collection is like. There are some hits and misses here, and I hope my swatches and mini reviews are helpful!


First up, I thought I’d talk about the two items that I was most excited about—the Coverall Primer and the Correcting Palette.


The primer looks and feels like a moisturizer—it’s lightweight and hydrating, and it really does help my makeup go on smoothly. It brightens my skin and I feel like it does extend the wear-time of my foundation.


I was wondering if the Correcting Palette would be sort of a gimmicky product, and I was half-right—the green and yellow shades are great for correcting redness and dark circles, but the purple shade is way too, well, purple to use on my fair skin without looking like I got kissed by a crayon, and the white highlighter shade is a bit too glittery for my taste. The primer and the correcting palette come together in a set, and I still think the set is worth getting, however!

I’ve had several people ask me about the Come Correct Celebrity Concealer, but alas, this was the one product I was really let down by.





As you can hopefully tell from my swatches, this concealer is very yellow, very thick, and way too dark for my skintone even though I got the lightest shade, called Fair. It’s got an almost oily consistency, and although it does provide heavy coverage, it looked very noticeable and unnatural on my skin. It was very sticky and hard to blend, also. It’s so dark that I would be more likely to use it for contouring instead of highlighting! I would definitely pass on this.


However, I do really like the new Max Volume Plus mascara! It’s like a less clumpy version of L’Oreal’s Miss Manga! The wand is great—it has these tiny comb-like bristles, and it’s small enough to use on your bottom lashes with ease. I’m wearing it in all of the pictures below.



Look at this eyeshadow palette! Isn’t it pretty? It’s part of the new Fergie Centerstage Collection by Wet n Wild, and it’s called Camouflage Couture. It has a good mix of olive, silver, and jade green shades, which are soft and shimmery.


Next up, we have these gorgeous new blushes. I picked up all three shades. There’s a warm coral with gold shimmer and red tones, a soft salmon with a satin finish, and a bright matte bubblegum pink. These are super pigmented!


This one is called Brush With Brilliance—Nars Orgasm dupe?


Here are swatches of the blushes:


I was so excited to see that Wet n Wild also has a new lipstick line out. My Walgreens didn’t have all the shades, but I got three of the ones that they did have. I got a cool toned mauvey pink, called “Will You Be With Me?”, a neon orange-red with both coral and pink tones in it called “What’s Up, Doc?”, and a deep burgundy called “Dark Wine.”



Swatches of the blushes and the lipsticks:


I also did full-on lip swatches. Here is “Will You Be With Me?” Although it’s a lovely shade, it’s way too cool toned and pale for me, and washed me out bigtime. Definitely exfoliate your lips before wearing this one!


Next, here is the bombtastic “What’s Up, Doc?” I loved this one! Super bright and unique shade!


Lastly, here is “Dark Wine.” It applied the creamiest of the three.


Whew! I know that was a ton of swatches! I liked most of these new products, with the exception of the concealer. The blushes and the lipsticks are my favorites, but everything is well worth the price!


Review: ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been aware of the ColourPop craze that’s taken over the blogging world. ColourPop is definitely the brand of the moment, and deservedly so. They have so much going for them–they’re cruelty-free, they’re based in the USA, they do collabs with bloggers, they’re insanely cheap, and they have some bombtastical colors! ( Did I make that word up? Who cares, it fits!)

Even though it’s the holidays and I should be buying gifts for other people, I have to admit that instead, I’ve just been obsessively buying ColourPop products for me. Such as…these beautiful Super Shock shadows. Feast your eyes, people.




And look at this cute note! (Anna is my real name. ;P)


The packaging on these is adorable, and these colors are gorgeous. To be honest, pictures DO NOT do them justice. These might just be the best eyeshadows I have ever tried. The pigmentation on these is through the roof! For five bucks apiece, these have much more pigment than, say, Nars eyeshadows, for example. And the way they feel is unlike any shadow I have used before. They have a soft, cushiony texture that kind of reminds me of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush, and they feel so smooth to apply. They’re definitely not powdery at all. Also, I love the variety of finishes available with these! They have metallic, satin, matte, pearl, and glitter finishes, and the metallic and glittery ones are jaw-droppingly beautiful. I didn’t think it was possible to make such gleaming, iridescent eyeshadows!

These swatches were done with NO primer at all, and only one swipe of product each.

L-R, Hustle, Animal, Fantasy, Erotic, Chipper, Gameface, So Quiche, Lovely, I Heart This.


Some of these, like Fantasy and So Quiche, have an interesting duochrome finish, and it’s not quite showing up in these pictures!

Close-ups: L-R, Chipper, Gameface, So Quiche, Lovely, I Heart This
Close-ups: L-R, Chipper, Gameface, So Quiche, Lovely, I Heart This
Close-ups: L-R, Hustle, Animal, Fantasy, Erotic, Chipper
Close-ups: L-R, Hustle, Animal, Fantasy, Erotic, Chipper, Gameface

I am basically just sobbing with love for these. You really have to try them out to understand why the beauty world is so intrigued by them! The unique colors, the way they feel, and their unbelievably low prices have quickly made these my new favorite eyeshadows, and even better, they also last all day, even without an eye primer. They never crease despite their soft texture, and they are so easy to work with.( I will say that they apply much better with your fingers than with a brush, though.) I love all the colors that I purchased, and yeah, I have already gone and bought some more. ColourPop also has a lipstick line, which I also hauled, so I will have more reviews on their lippie stix to show you guys soon!

Bottom line: you really do need these in your life. ❤

Swatchfest Saturday: Hard Candy Top Ten Trendsetters Palette in Raining Men

Hi guys! As you may know, Hard Candy has released a ton of new products this season, and I picked up a few of their new eyeshadow palettes to share with you. Today, I have swatches and a review of the palette called Raining Men. It has some unique jewel-tone shades in it, and the shadows have a very metallic finish to them. I think it’s a pretty cool option if you’re searching for an affordable palette!



I love that it has the traditional gold and silver shades, but also includes several more colorful, more off-beat shades, like a metallic rusty red, a metallic olive-green, and a metallic plum. Also, the packaging is so cute–it has a green leather front with black studs in the right corner. I’m kind of a sucker for anything with studs and anything with red and green eyeshadows, so I knew this palette would be right up my alley! Plus Hard Candy always has funny names for all their products.  While I love the look of the packaging, I will just warn you that these palettes are freakin’ impossible to open. For some reason, the clasp in the front just does not work on all three of the ones I got, so be prepared to spend a few minutes trying to wrestle it apart. The colors themselves make up for the problems with opening them, though.



^There are swatches in natural light, and here are some taken with flash, below:


Let it be noted, these swatches were done without primer. As you can see, this palette has really good pigmentation. Some of the colors have more glitter in them than others, so if you don’t like glittery shadows then this might not be for you. I personally love glittery eyeshadows, and to me, these have the perfect amount of glitter in them. There is some fallout, but not much, and I really like the shiny, metallic finish of all the shadows. They blend well and last well when used with a primer. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be as pigmented as they were when I was trying them out, so I loaded up all this green shadow on my brush and ended up having waaay too much to create a subdued look (which is why I look like I fingerpainted with the green shadows in this picture!)


All in  all, I really like this palette, and I think it’s a bargain for $6. It has some great colors for Holiday looks, and best of all, it’s cruelty-free!


Swatches: Forever 21 Premium Beauty Lipsticks

Today, I just thought I would share these swatches with you ladies. I noticed that there aren’t any swatches up online of the Forever 21 Premium Beauty lipstick line, and as I have most of them, I thought I would post some pics! This is an affordable, high quality lipstick collection, and I find myself reaching for them more often than anything else lately. They are hydrating and creamy, and I love the color selection! There are ten colors in all, and I have seven to show you.


^Left to right: Sugarplum, Hothouse Flower, Girl Next Door, Vacay, Miami Pink, Bisou, Hollywood Red



Now on to the swatches…


^Left to right, Sugarplum, Hothouse Flower, Girl Next Door, Miami Pink, Vacay, Bisou, Hollywood Red



Individual swatches:

First up, we have Sugarplum, a midtone pinkish-plum:


This one below is Hothouse Flower, an interesting shade of orchid-pink. I really like this one:


This next one is Girl Next Door, a dusty rose with hints of salmon:


Next is Miami Pink, a bright, almost neon pink that is reminiscent of Candy Yum Yum; it’s brighter than it looks!


This next one is Vacay, a yellow toned coral pink with  slight watermelon tones:


This one below is Bisou, a warm toned orange-red that is one of my favorite lippies ever:


Lastly, here is Hollywood Red, a classic, bangin’ red that I absolutely adore:


Here is a comparison picture of Bisou and Hollywood Red:


That’s Hollywood Red on the top and Bisou on the bottom. I love BOTH of these reds!

My favorites from this line are Hollywood Red, Bisou, Miami Pink, and Hothouse Flower. What I like most about this collection is that the colors are bright and fun, but the lipsticks themselves are so comfortable to wear. Does anyone remember the Edward Bess lipstick collection, with the famously moisturizing and soothing formula? That’s what these feel like to me. At one time, I would never have thought that I would become such a fan of Forever 21 makeup, but I have loved everything I have tried. Even better, these lipsticks aren’t tested on animals!