Haul from…the Dollar Tree?


This ain’t no fancy Sephora haul, guurlzs! I love the Dollar Tree, I’m not going to lie. Aside from its absurdly cheap prices,  it also stocks discontinued makeup and nifty little skincare products.  What’s not to like? I was in there the other day, and I scored two interesting little finds! First up is a lipstick from NYC that was a LE Halloween product last year. I never managed to find it then, but imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon row after row of them at the Dollar Tree. Um, yeah, I bought one. It’s called Villainous Red, and it’s a deep, very pigmented berry red.

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Next, I found a three-step skincare set, and while I had never heard of the brand before, I figured that for three bucks, it was worth a try. If anyone’s tried this set before, comment and let me know. I actually like the stuff so far. Should I review it?