Review: LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

Happy Saturday, bros! Today I have a review and lip swatches of the new LA Girl matte liquid lipsticks to share with you. In a nutshell, these are affordable, yet pigmented and fun for summer.


I picked up the shades Bazaar, Obsess, Instinct, Frisky, Secret, Backstage, and Black Currant.


As you can see, some of them swatch a lot better than the others! The darker shades were definitely a little harder to work with. Still, they’re all beautiful colors. I also did lots of derpy lip swatches!

First, here’s the color Bazaar. It ended up being one of my favorites because it’s work-appropriate yet still fun. It’s a peachy pink shade that went on really smoothly.


Second we have the color Obsess. It’s a hot coral shade that’s perfect for summer! I loved this one as well, both for its great pigmentation and its smooth application.


Third up is Instinct. Y’all know I love a bright orange lip, and this one fits the bill nicely!


Fourth is Frisky, a classic red shade. I liked this one, but it still won’t replace my HG red, Wet n Wild’s Megalast Liquid Lipstick!


Fifth we have the shade Secret, a close dupe for Lime Crime’s Wicked. Now, as I moved into the darker shades, I noticed that they went on more patchily and were much harder to work with than the first four. Definitely requires a precise application. Anyway, Secret is a deep burgundy shade.


Sixth is Backstage, a dark plum shade that was also a bit hard to apply, but I still like the color.


And lastly is Black Currant. This one swatched badly on my arm, but on my lips it was fine. It is a super dark blackened purple that reminds me of MAC’s Cyber.


Needless to say, my lips were sore after all that swatching! These do NOT come off easily, which is a good thing! I actually liked these a lot. I personally love a good flat finish lipstick, and these meet that requirement amply. My favorite shades were Bazaar, Obsess, Instinct, and Black Currant. They were all richly pigmented and went on smoothly, and I noticed that they all made my green eyes pop more as well. There are none of these that I wouldn’t recommend, but I will say that Secret and Backstage are definitely the most difficult to apply. Overall, I think these are an affordable way to get into the liquid lipstick trend, and I think these will appeal to both beginners and makeup pros alike.