Review: Covergirl The Supersizer Mascara

Hey guys! So. Due to a tragic watery accident, my beloved camera is no longer with me, and as a result, I’m kind of at a standstill with my blogging. I have new things to show you but no way of photographing them. Fortunately, I always have some “back-up” posts ready to go just in case something happens; I don’t want to neglect my blog while I save up for a new camera. So, today I have a brand-new drugstore mascara to share with you. This has quickly become my go-to everyday mascara, and I think you’ll see why…


I’ll be the first to admit that I usually don’t care for Covergirl’s mascaras, but this one was pleasantly surprising! As you can see, the main claim of this mascara is that because of its “unique” brush, it can give your lashes up to 400% more volume. Now, I’m not sure if it’s physically possible for any product to increase your lashes by 400%, but this one comes pretty close.  The brush is indeed different from any other mascara wand I’ve used–it’s quite small and slender, and it’s tapered so that it’s larger at the end. The package says to twirl the wand as you apply it, but in my experience you get the same results whether you apply it the usual way or with a twirling motion. And the results are honestly pretty impressive: this really does give my lashes a huge amount of volume and makes them really black without clumping at all! Because of the small size of the wand, it’s excellent for use on the bottom lashes, making them look just as long and dark as my top ones. Also impressively, this mascara lasts all day without smudging or flaking off, another big plus in my book. Honestly, I feel like this is a true winner at the drugstore, and one that anyone would enjoy. Now, enjoy this awkwardly angled photo of this mascara in action. 😉




Product Fail: Covergirl Tru Magic Skin Perfector


Oh, Covergirl Tru Magic Skin Perfector. I wanted to like you so much…
As you may have seen, Covergirl came out with a line of three “skin perfectors” (basically primers) that come in a clear finish, a luminizing finish, and a bronzing finish. I spent weeks trying to find one of them to review, and I finally got the skin perfector in 100, the clear one. It sounded so great: a balm that could be used before or after makeup for touch-ups, with mattifying, pore-reducing, and skin-smoothing properties. But did it live up to these claims? In a word, no. Not at all. This is quite possibly the grossest beauty product I have ever used.

At first, it looks normal enough. The product is packaged almost like a pressed powder, in a bulky little compact. It comes with a sponge, and that’s how you are supposed to apply. And that is where the problems started. The sponge could not pick up any of the skin perfector at all. I swiped it around multiple times and tried to dab it on my face, but to no avail. So I swiped my finger across it, and was immediately put off by the heavy, waxy texture. I shrugged and applied it to my face anyway, and…ew. It felt absolutely disgusting. It felt like I was smearing my face with glue, or wax. It wouldn’t settle onto my skin at all; it just sat on top and made my face look greasier than I’ve ever seen it look. But I kept trying. I blended it out, and thought that maybe the oily texture of it would help my foundation adhere. Wishful thinking. My foundation couldn’t even go on; it slid around and got all patchy and then started PEELING OFF. At that point I should have given up, but I tried it for the next couple of days, using varying amounts, just in case I had put on too much or not enough originally. However, it didn’t matter how much, or how little, I used. The results were the same. My face became ragingly oily and just downright nasty-looking. I kid you not, it looked like I had rubbed my face with Vaseline.


Now, imagine trying to apply foundation over a coat of Vaseline and you have a pretty good idea of what this product is like. As far as using it after makeup, yeah right. It took it right off. And the feel it left on my hands after I applied it…it just felt dirty and tacky, almost like I had dust all over my fingers.
I always try to find something positive about a product, but with this, I honestly couldn’t. It could just have been my skintype, and I know products work differently for different people, but really, I don’t see how anyone could use this. The only thing magical about this Tru Magic skin perfector is how quickly it made me hate it.