Review: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I’m sure by now, all of you have at least heard of the new Too Faced Born This Way foundation. This is easily the most hyped-up foundation of the year, with claims that it gives full, yet undetectable coverage, while also hydrating and nourishing the skin with coconut water and alpine rose extract. Sound too good to be true, or do we have a winner? Let’s find out together!


I got this in the shade Ivory, which is the second lightest. It’s described as fair with neutral to golden undertones. Because I’m just a lowly history teacher, I didn’t buy a whole bottle of this due to the price. I just got a deluxe sample at Sephora, hence the stock photo. 🙂 Here’s what it looks like swatched:


As you can see, it initially appeared rather yellow and rather dark, and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. But, once I applied it to my face, I was pleasantly surprised. In terms of consistency, it’s thick like Revlon Colorstay, but unlike the Colorstay, it doesn’t feel heavy going on at all. It’s hydrating and feels quite smooth, and I applied one and a half layers without it looking cakey at all.  The claims of medium to full coverage are true. I hate it when so many foundations claim to provide full coverage but in reality you have to cake on layer after layer to cover up acne, rosacea, etc. Blissfully, this one did indeed make my skin look flawless enough that I skipped concealer. But did it look like skin? Did it look like I was “born that way?” In a word, yes. I was so impressed with the way the foundation blended down to a natural matte finish that really did look like skin. I also noticed that the rest of my makeup—contour, blush, and highlight—went on looking more smooth and more natural with this foundation as a base also. I set just my t-zone with powder and put the foundation through a rigorous test drive, painting my classroom, walking my dog in 100 degree heat, and cooking spaghetti over a hot stove, and it held up nicely. This foundation also seems to have some oil control properties in addition to providing hydration. I love the color of Ivory—you know how sometimes, a foundation just really warms your skin up and makes you look healthy? This one does a great job of that. See for yourself.

Here I am in natural light, indoors:


And here I am outside, in full sunlight:


See? Great coverage, great finish, healthy looking skin. I have to say, the hype for this foundation is justified. Also, because I’m in the second-lightest shade and y’all know I’m pretty fair, I have high hopes that anyone paler than I am can be assured of finding a match. The only gripe I have is that there aren’t enough darker shades for women of color, but Too Faced has listened to its customers and is producing (I believe) four darker shades and even two that are lighter than my shade and the shade before it.

I gotta say, I’m impressed. Definitely worth a try! PS. The lipstick is ColourPop’s Yasmin–isn’t it gorgeous?!

Review: Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Foundation

Folks, I have finally found it. My HG foundation. A perfect, rave-worthy foundation. Let me introduce you to Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Foundation, the very best mineral foundation I have ever used. This stuff is literally perfection in powder form. Be forewarned: this will be a long review!


Formerly, I’d been using Bare Minerals Foundation in Golden Fair, because I know minerals are great for your skin, but I just wasn’t crazy about it. After testing out Meow’s mineral foundation for two months, it’s safe to say that I will not be going back to Bare Minerals! Now, I’m not criticizing Bare Minerals. I know they have some great products, and I know many women swear by them. But the fact is, Bare Minerals just doesn’t cater to those of us with fair skin. Sure, they have two shades ostensibly for pale skin, but for me at least, these shades are either way too yellow or way too pink, and about five shades too dark. I knew I needed a mineral foundation for my sensitive, acne-prone skin, but I just couldn’t find a match with Bare Minerals. Then I heard of an indie mineral brand, called Meow Cosmetics. As a cat-lover, their feline-themed products and HUGE selection of shades really intrigued me, so I thought I’d try them out. Now, Meow suggests that you buy samples of their foundation shades before you buy a full-size, and I completely agree with them. They have thirteen different shade groups, with six different shade depths for each group, in addition to three different formulas that you can choose from, depending on what level of coverage you want. That adds up to 76 possible color choices, with three formula options to select, for a total of 228 possibilities!  I know that sounds confusing, but it really isn’t. Their website explains it perfectly, and I, for one, am delighted that they have so many color choices. You are virtually guaranteed to find a match with them, no matter how pale or dark you are.  As a sidenote, let me give you an example of how you might select your color. The lightest range is Inquisitive, then you have Sleek, then you have Frisky, then you have Naughty, etc. Once you know your depth, you can select the undertone you want. There are thirteen undertones, as I mentioned, so if you have cool pink undertones, you’d be a Chausie, and if you have peach undertones, you’d be a Persian, and if you have olive undertones, you’d be an Ocicat, etc. All the shades families are named after cats!


The shades I have to show you today are Sleek Ocicat, Sleek Korat, Sleek Chartreux, and Frisky Chartreux. In my first order, I ordered samples of all the shades and I got them in the Inquisitive depth, the very lightest. Unbelievably, they were all too pale for me. You guys know how pale I am, so it was a shocker to finally find something too light! That means if you are paler than I am, aka almost ghostly, Meow is the perfect brand to go to! Next, I ordered samples of  all the shades in the next depth up, in the Sleek depth. Bingo! The shade Sleek Ocicat, described as “very light olive,” matched me well, and so did Sleek Korat, “very light golden-beige.” I also actually found a match in the third lightest depth, Frisky Chartreux, “light peachy yellow,” although it’s more of a summer shade for me. I ended up buying four foundations, and I am so glad that Meow lets you try as many samples as you need to, to find your perfect color. I also love that all the colors come in whatever coverage level you need–Purrfect Puss is the original formula, with light coverage, Pampered Puss is medium coverage/for sensitive skin, and Flawless Feline is full coverage. That’s what I got. And it truly is full coverage. Guys, the coverage of this mineral foundation rivals that of Kat Von D’s Lock-it Tattoo Foundation, and you KNOW how opaque that is. With this, I don’t need concealer.


The shade I’m focusing on for this review is Sleek Ocicat, because it matches me the best. It’s actually the one shade I almost didn’t get a sample of, because I assumed an olive foundation with green undertones wouldn’t be right for me. But I guess maybe the green in it cancels out the redness in my skin, or maybe I really do have pale olive skin, because it matches me like a second skin. It may be completely full coverage, but it is extremely natural looking. No matter how much I use, it never looks heavy, cakey, or too powdery, and for oily skin, this stuff is a GODSEND. With liquid foundation, I need to either use a blotting sheet or use  a setting powder every hour to keep down shine, but with this, it gives me matte skin that lasts for hours. Some mineral foundations don’t last long enough, but this lasts until I take it off. There’s no bismuth oxychloride in this, so if you’ve avoided minerals in the past because they make your skin itch, Meow is an itch-free option! Its minerals are insanely calming and it never breaks me out. And it’s cruelty-free!

Here are swatches of the shades I have, from left to right, Sleek Ocicat, Sleek Korat, Sleek Chartreux, and Frisky Chartreux.


It’s kind of hard to swatch them, because they are so light! I had to pile them on for the swatches, because they just melt into my skin in the most beautiful way.

I have tried this foundation with and without a primer, and to me, it performs best with one. I use Revlon’s Photoready Color Correcting Primer, which is an excellent primer for powder foundations and for people with oily skin. It dramatically decreases shine and makes my makeup last forever, but that’s a review for another day. With Revlon’s primer and Meow’s foundation, my skin looks utterly flawless, even when I’m breaking out. To show you this foundation in action, here’s a picture of me with bare skin on the left and Sleek Ocicat on the right:


Let it be noted, I’m having a good skin day here, but you can tell that my skintone is more even and looks smooth and airbrushed on the side with the foundation, the right side of the picture. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this foundation. It is exactly what I have always been looking for, a pale, full-coverage mineral foundation that is actually good for my skin.

Here I am with Sleek Ocicat all over my face, and you can see how opaque, but natural, it is! It looks a bit too light because of my camera flash, but after the foundation’s had time to set, it doesn’t have that white cast anymore.


Long story short, this is easily the best foundation I have ever tried. I know this was a long review, but I can’t help it, I’m in love. Highly, highly recommend!