Update: Kat Von D’s Light 42 is BACK IN STOCK

I know several of you guys have asked me when this foundation was going to be back in stock on the Sephora website, and after months and months of waiting, the Lock-it Tattoo Foundation in Light 42 is FINALLY available to purchase! I have a feeling it will sell out quickly, so go order a bottle ASAP. Good luck!


Review: Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks in Archangel, Countess, Hexagram, and Vampira

L-R: Archangel, Countess, Hexagram, Vampira
L-R: Archangel, Countess, Hexagram, Vampira

Today I have four of the new Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks to share with you ladies, and boy am I excited. I love Kat Von D’s makeup, and when I found out she was releasing a new line of lipsticks, I was thrilled. I got four of the matte shades: Archangel, Countess, Hexagram, and Vampira. I love these lipsticks even more than I thought I would.


The packaging is so cute, but also edgy–I love the studded cases with their embossed Kat Von D logo. And the lipsticks themselves smell delicious, like caramel and vanilla. They seriously smell like a candy bar, people.


L-R: Hexagram, Countess, Vampira, Archangel
L-R: Hexagram, Countess, Vampira, Archangel

I have heard many bloggers complain that these don’t go on well, and that they’re dry and drag on the lips, but I have to totally disagree with them. Especially considering that they’re matte lipsticks, I thought they went on feeling very soft and creamy, and I don’t find them drying at all.  I mean no disrespect, but I do think many women don’t know how to apply a matte lipstick. You DO have to exfoliate your lips and put a balm underneath, or your lipstick probably will seem dry and patchy. To me, these feel so soft going on, and the colors are rich and opaque with one swipe.  They are mattes, but they aren’t dry and flat like, say, MAC’s Ruby Woo is. Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipsticks are, in my opinion, the perfect matte formula.

Now, let’s talk about the colors themselves. First up is Archangel. It is a beautiful burnt red, almost brick red but with a warmer undertone. I love the color and feel of this one.

002   004


Next is Countess. It is the brightest of the ones I got, and it looks quite similar to the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in A Go-Go, except with more red in it. It’s like a fiery coral red, and is almost neon it’s so bright. My camera did not pick up how bright it is!

011   013


This is Hexagram. I got it because I love deeper reds, and this is a great blue-based dark red for cooler skin tones. It is called a blood-red on the Sephora site, but I’m not sure that’s the best description, although regardless it is a lovely color.

018   020


Lastly, here is Vampira. I have been wanting the liquid version of this color for months, but it’s always sold out, so I was glad to finally get to try this color. It is a very dark oxblood type shade, a reddish burgundy. I love shades like this because they have a good balance of red and purple, and are great for fall.

028   029


I am in love with these Studded Kiss lipsticks. I think the colors are unique and beautiful, and I love the creamy feel and longevity of the lipsticks. My two favorites are Archangel and Countess, but I like all of them. I appreciate that Kat Von D included so many colors in this line–there are the traditional reds and pinks, but also a navy blue, a black, and pale lavender, for example. Although I got only matte finishes, there are also metallic and satin finishes in this line, so there is an option for everyone. They cost $21, but they’re worth it.


Review: Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Collection

Well, as soon as I noticed the new Color of the Year Collection by Sephora and Pantone Universe was on clearance, you know I had to buy it. It’s my job as a beauty blogger, right? Although I haven’t liked Sephora +Pantone’s previous collaborations, mainly because of the somewhat unwearable colors they chose ( Orange? Green?), I was more than pleasantly surprised by the Radiant Orchid Collection.  This truly is a beautiful set, and I would encourage all of you to try it out. The focus of this collection is, of course, the superflattering and gorgeous shade of orchid. It’s an alluring shade that lingers between pink and purple, and it’s very wearable for any skin tone.

The collection includes a liquid eyeliner, a bottle of “lustre drops,” i.e., luminizer, a beautiful cream blush, a nail polish, and my personal favorite, a lovely matte lipstick. And a chic makeup bag that could easily double as a clutch!







Here are swatches of the eyeliner, the cream blush, and the lipstick. As you can see, the eyeliner is more of a mauve color than orchid. The cream blush and the lipstick are really close in color, and are easily the best two items from the collection.


L-R the lipstick, the blush, and the eyeliner.

Individual swatches:

059  ^The Radiant Orchid Liquid Liner

061 ^Radiant Orchid Cream Blush

063 ^Radiant Orchid Matte Lipstick

I don’t have a swatch of the Lustre Drops because for some reason, they were impossible to photograph! It’s such a subtle shimmer that my camera just couldn’t pick it up. However, the Lustre Drops were one of the surprise winners in this collection. I knew I’d love the cream blush and the lipstick, but I hadn’t expected to like the luminizing Lustre Drops as much as I did. You do have to shake the vial really vigorously before you use it, but it makes a really pretty highlighter with just a hint of orchid in it.  I love it, but the best items in the collection are the blush and lipstick. The cream blush just melts into my skin and it lasts all day. I’ve never used a purple blush before, but it’s surprisingly pretty. The lipstick was the biggest reason I wanted this collection, and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s more of a satin matte; there’s definitely some shine to it. I have heard some bloggers say that the Maybelline Vivids lipstick in Fuchsia Flash is a dupe for it, but in my opinion the colors are different. The Sephora lipstick has more purple in it. It goes on creamy and smooth, and like the blush, it lasts all day and even after I’ve washed it off, it still leaves a stain on my lips. I wore it all day yesterday, through two meals, and it didn’t come off. The nail polish wasn’t quite was I was hoping for; it’s just a glittery topcoat, but if i put on five layers I can get it opaque (I’m wearing it in the pictures of all the products) and then it’s rather pretty.  The only bummer in the collection was, for me, the liquid liner. It isn’t the same color as the rest of the items, and it is really hard to use because it’s so wet. The eyeliner brush is tiny, which makes me get it all over my eyelashes. I kinda wish they had put in an eyeshadow instead of the eyeliner, but the rest of the collection is so beautiful I don’t really mind.

I’m wearing all the products in these pictures, but my camera doesn’t truly capture how pretty these colors are. I love this collection! The cream blush and the lipstick alone are worth the price!









Review: Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in Ellis Red

It’s Friday the 13th, so I thought I’d show you a nice creepy shade of blood red today. Let me introduce one of the most beautiful (and simultaneously the scariest) red lipstick that I own–Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in their trademark shade, Ellis Red. A bit of background: this is something of a high-end cult brand,  started by makeup artist Ellis Faas. According to the website, she finds her inspiration for the colors from “the human palette,” meaning any color found naturally in the human body. This includes a brown the color of a freckle, a pink based off a natural flush, and a red that is supposed to look just like actual human blood. The idea behind this is that if we all are comprised of these colors, then they will be universally flattering. It does make a certain sense. Intrigued by her ideas, I bought their most popular product, the Creamy Lips. I’m ashamed to even tell you the price, but the sleek, dramatic packaging and the uniquely startling color make it worth the extra dollars.  Check out this lipstick tube!



It doesn’t look anything like the boring, traditional tubes that most brands stock; it looks more like a lethal pen, or a little knife. Just the case looks like a piece of art. Now, this lipstick is a liquid, which is dispensed via a small sponge, as you can see. You can click the tube once for a small dose of color, or multiple times to get a full red.


And, uh, this does look just like blood.



I was playing around with this in the bathroom, and I had squirted a line of it down my wrist, and my brother came in and thought I had hurt myself. This stuff is exactly the color and texture of blood.



It has a thicker texture, but once it goes on, it doesn’t budge until you want it to. I can wear this comfortably all day, and the color is really versatile because you can build it up from a sheer, almost berry stain to a true red to a dark, blood red pout. It’s almost like having multiple lipsticks in one. In the pictures above, I have on a pretty thick layer of it, but it can be built up even more to an even deeper red. I know a lot of brands have shades that they advertise as “blood reds,” but I’ve always been disappointed by them because they are always either too blue-based or too brown. The Ellis Faas lipstick, however, is the perfect blood red that I’ve always wanted.  What’s cool about it is that it looks different on different people because it transforms to the perfect red for any complexion. I will just say though that this is an intense lipstick. If you aren’t comfortable with dramatic, Goth-esque lips, then this might not be up your alley, but personally, I think the Ellis Faas lipsticks are something that every woman needs to try at least once. Gorgeous packaging, luxe feel, and a truly unique color.



Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid Collection Now On Clearance!

The limited edition Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Orchid Collection is now on clearance on the Sephora website! Originally priced at $75, it’s now only $39! If anyone didn’t try this  because of the steep price, now is your chance to get it for cheap.  Here is the link: http://www.sephora.com/the-face-radiant-femme-artistry-set-P385378?skuId=1593573

Also, to make that deal even more enticing, here is a promo code to try the new Josie Maran Argan Milk for free: Just use the code “ARGANMILK” at checkout. You’re welcome.


Is Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo foundation in Light 42 coming back?!

Look at what I found on the Sephora website! True, it says out of stock, but usually it isn’t even listed at all! I could be wrong, but it looks like they are bringing back the shade Light 42. I know a lot of pale girls were devastated when this was discontinued, but now, maybe it’s safe to get your hopes up…


Review: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red


Hello, kittens! Let me introduce you to the boldest, most daring, most alluring red lipstick you’ll ever find…Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red. This is one of my very favorite lipsticks ever, and for a lipstick junkie like me, you know that’s saying something. I’ve tried hundreds of red lipsticks, but none of them can hold a candle to Always Red. This is a creamy lip stain (duh) that looks like a lip gloss in the tube, but once you apply it, it turns into a gorgeous deep red that’s bright and matte.


Most of the red lipsticks I have tried either lean too pink, or too orange, or they’re too glossy for my taste. I have always been on the hunt for a true red matte lipstick, and one day I saw one of the girls at my college walking around with these smokin’ hot red lips. Like the unashamed lipstick fiend that I am, I begged her to tell me what she had on her lips. It was Sephora Always Red, and there began my love affair with this lipstick. It’s extremely pigmented, and dries to a soft matte finish that stays on for hours and does not feather or bleed at all.


Because of the doe-foot applicator, putting it on is easy and precise. I’m trying to think of another lipstick I could compare it to, and I think it’s very similar to Nars Cruella in terms of color and finish, except Always Red is only 13 bucks!