Review: Wet n Wild Here’s to the Wild Ones Fall 2015 Collection

Finally found this new fall collection by one of my favorite drugstore brands, Wet n Wild! I trolled all my local drugstores until I found it ( you fellow beauty addicts know what I mean!) and my patience (obsessiveness) certainly paid off—it’s gorgeous!


I got four of the LE Megalast lipsticks and the eyeshadow palette that I thought would look best with my green eyes. Ladies and germs…we have five winners right here!

Here’s the eyeshadow palette, in The Gal-lery Next Door. It has a good mix of muted and more sparkly purples, which I liked because it’s versatile enough for work or the club.



Look at that eyelid shade! So pretty. I swatched these without primer, on my arm, just to see how they performed without any additional help.


As you can see, minus primer they don’t seem as vibrant, but I expected that. Just use any eye primer under them and they live up to their true potential. Here they are on my eyes, again without primer:


The true shining stars here are, of course, the lipsticks. Wet n Wild’s lipsticks are my favorite from the drugstore and possibly of any lipsticks, and these did not disappoint.


Can….you….even….? Look at those colors! From left to right, we have Celeb Sighting, a neon orange-red, Vintage Vibe, a berry purple, Photobomb, a rusty brown that made me go ham with love, and Coffee Buzz, an extremely dark and extremely unique color–it’s a blackened plum with a lot of brown in it. My inner Goth practically cried with love for these. They have a satin-matte finish but go on so creamily.

Here’s Celeb Sighting, one of my faves, below:


Here is Vintage Vibe, below. I thought that the permanent shade Sugarplum Fairy would be a dupe for it, but this one is more purple and darker.


Here is another favorite, Photobomb, below. It’s such a weird but wonderful color.


And lastly here is the glorious Coffee Buzz.


The only problem here is that they’re limited edition! Wet n Wild always kills it with their fall collections, and this one is no exception.


Review: Wet n Wild Summer 2015 Venice Beach Eyeshadow Palettes (Urban Decay Electric Dupes!)

Hey guys! Today I’m super excited to show you these gorgeous new palettes from Wet n Wild. I found their Venice Beach collection at my Walgreen’s and naturally I um, had to buy some of it for my blog. I picked up two palettes, Hemporary Solution and Boardwalk Boozing.


In a nutshell, I love everything about these. I mean, just look at those insane colors! I think this is the first time such bright and vivid shades have ever been released by a drugstore brand, and even more excitingly, they are just as pigmented as they look. There’s not a single dud in either palette. Interestingly, these don’t quite feel like the original Wet n Wild shadows; they have a softer, creamier feel to them. They aren’t cream shadows, of course, but they just have a luxurious smoothness to them.  Also, the freakin’ names, dude. Hilarious.

Here are swatches of Hemporary Solutions, below:



And here are swatches of Boardwalk Boozing:



As you can see, these are not for the faint of heart! Personally, I think now is the perfect time for rainbow eyeshadow, to celebrate the historic Supreme Court decision to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states–what’s not to love about rainbows? 🙂

I did a look using colors from both palettes, with the silver and plum shades from Boardwalk Boozing and the teal and lime shades from Hemporary Solutions, and I was so impressed with how well the shadows went on. I had no fallout, and they blended easily.



This is a pretty wearable look, but you can also use some of those reds and neon oranges to go for a more daring one.

As I was swatching the Venice Beach shadows, I realized that they reminded me heavily of the Urban Decay Electric palette, so I decided to swatch some of them together. Guess what? If you don’t want to spend $50 bucks on Urban Decay, Wet n Wild has got your back. These palettes contain dupes for almost all of the shades!


Here are some of the closest matches I found. I swatched the UD shadows on the left and the WnW on the right. Alas, the individual WnW shades don’t have names, so just bear in mind they are to the right of the UD shadows. I didn’t have room on my arm for swatches of Slowburn’s dupe, sorry!  The only shade from the Electric Palette that isn’t duped by this is the true purple shade Urban.

Chaos, Jilted, Revolt, Freak, Thrash, Fringe, and Savage with their cheaper counterparts:


I’ll also add that while several of the Urban Decay Electric shades are not FDA cleared for use around the eyes, all of the Wet n Wild ones are. Even more impressively, the Wet n Wild shadows are every bit as pigmented and blendable as the Urban Decay ones. If you’ve been hunting for an Electric dupe, or if you simply love crazy-bright colors, then this is the palette for you! It’s perfect for summer and for making a statement.




Rave Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lipstick

Oh my gosh why have I never tried these before? These lipsticks are perfection! My love for Wet n Wild just keeps growing. Seriously. Their regular Megalast lipsticks are probably my favorite lipstick line ever, but I had never seen positive reviews for their liquid lipsticks. I had only heard that they were drying, and that the colors were odd. Well, I am here to tell you that neither of those things are true. These just might be the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried.


I originally picked up the Megalast Liquid Lipstick in High Pitched Wine because I had heard that it was a dupe for Kat Von D’s Lolita. As it turned out, the colors weren’t at all similar, as I found out when I swatched High Pitched Wine on my arm. I left the swatch on my arm and went about my day. I got busy, and totally forgot about the swatch. I even went to sleep with it on my arm that night, and noticed it again the next morning. I figured it would wash right off in the shower. Well, it didn’t. It stayed on all of the next day, and the next night, and through a second shower. Even more shockingly, it still looked freshly applied. I was a little floored at this point. What magic is in this stuff?! By then, I was excited, so I slapped that stuff on my lips!

As soon as I put it on, I was totally struck by how unique the color was. It’s a dark plummy purple, with gray and brown undertones, which dries to a super matte finish, my favorite. ( For some reason, I initially thought these would be glossy. Half of the line is glossy, but there are four matte shades as well.) It was true love from there. I wore it for twelve hours, and it lasted beautifully through two meals and several kisses. No transfer, no budging, and most importantly, no dryness. We all think of liquid lipsticks as inherently dry, but I didn’t find that to be the case with this. I was so impressed with High Pitched Wine that I went out the next day and got another shade, Red My Mind. Guys…just take a minute to appreciate the intensity of these swatches.


As you can see, Red My Mind is so freaking neon that my camera can barely handle it. It looks like a blue based red in the tube, but on me, it pulls more neutral-toned. It’s a fiery bright red that just brightens my whole face. I may even love it more than High Pitched Wine! It also dries to a flat matte, and it lasts just as long. I wore it all day Valentine’s Day with no touch ups, and it remained looking perfect for fifteen hours. The sheer level of pigmentation in these is incredible.

Here I am wearing Red My Mind:


And here is High Pitched Wine:


Guys…this is better than Lime Crime. It’s better than Kat Von D. And it’s 3 dollars. I think that so many bloggers rated these poorly because they didn’t prepare their lips properly before applying them. Before I wear any lipstick, I have a few steps I go through, and then my lips are good to go all day. #1: I use an exfoliating facial wipe on my lips, usually the ones from Simple, but the Dollar Tree makes them too. This gets rid of all the dry/dead skin that can make lipstick look patchy. #2: I apply a thick layer of my faithful Carmex lip balm to my lips and leave that on while I do the rest of my makeup. #3: I blot off the Carmex, leaving only a bit behind, and then I put on whatever lipstick I’m feeling that day! With these, I only need one layer, but you DO have to hold your lips still for a few minutes while it dries!

  • Pros:
  • Insanely long lasting
  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Non-drying
  • Transfer-proof
  • F****** gorgeous
  • Cruelty-free


  • Cons:
  • It can be a bit hard to remove, but hey, to me that’s not a bad thing!
  • I wish there were more matte shades! I despise sparkly lipsticks!

I’m so in love. *sobs*


Halloween Series: Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys! Today I have another Halloween-inspired look to show you! The movie Cleopatra, starring the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, is one of my favorite films, so I wanted to do a Halloween look based on the makeup she wore in the film. Usually, when I see Cleopatra inspired makeup, it features heavy bronzer, golden skin, and thickly lined eyes, but Elizabeth Taylor’s look is much softer, with nude peach lips, peachy-pink cheeks, and a bright wash of blue shadow on the lids. Obviously I look nothing like the gorgeous Liz Taylor, but it was still fun coming up with a similar look.

The inspiration:



Products Used:


1. Use a pale, pink toned foundation to get roses-and-cream skin like Liz’s–I used Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation in Light Porcelain. Then, lightly contour your cheeks and around your face with a peachy brown color—I used L’Oreal’s True Match blush in Bare Honey. For my cheeks, I used a soft reddish pink blush by Meow Cosmetics, fittingly called Cleopatra! Then I intensified the color with one of the peach shades in my Profusion Heart to Heart palette.

2. For the eyes, I carefully lined all the way around them with Jordana’s Fabuliner, extending a wing shape all the way to the tail of my eyebrow, and flaring it out at the end. Then, I used the periwinkle shade that’s second on the right of my Profusion Twinkle Twinkle palette all over my lid and up to my browbone.I put the first shade on the right of that same palette, a cornflower blue, in my crease, and then I put the middle shade on my browbone. To make my eyes pop more, I then layered an ocean-blue shadow with a gold duochrome over my lid–I just had to use the shade Nile by Meow Cosmetics because they called it the perfect Cleopatra blue. 🙂 Add mascara and the eyes are done.

3. For the lips, I mixed two Wet N Wild lipsticks together; I used Think Pink and Just Peachy.

4. Extras: If you like, draw on a beauty mark like Liz Taylor’s. If you have a black bob wig, then wear it!





Review: Wet n Wild LE Fall 2014 Megalast Lipsticks

Greetings, earthlings…I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! I’m back at college, so most of my free time is spent studying, and I also have a job now! But don’t worry, I’m still blogging. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter, you know I have several exciting new products to show you…but for today, I have three of the new Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Megalast  lipsticks! These are part of a limited edition range that’s popping up at drugstores around the country now, so keep your eyes open, ladies!

Sunset Siren, Urban Night, Bordeaux Boulevard
Sunset Siren, Urban Night, Bordeaux Boulevard

I (finally) managed to find three of the lipsticks–Sunset Siren, Urban Night, and Bordeaux Boulevard. These all have a matte finish, and they also have new packaging; they come in a very Nars-esque rubber matte tube that looks much more glam than the regular ones! I have to say, I LOVE these! I think Wet n Wild makes some of the best lipsticks regardless of price, and because these are matte, I love them even more.

Sunset Siren is a gorgeous, extremely bright orange-red shade–my camera doesn’t pick up how neon it is. It reminds me of a cross between Purty Persimmon and Red Velvet ( two lipsticks from the permanent Megalast line) but on steroids. It’s that bright. Next is Urban Night, which is a deep burgundy/oxblood shade. It also reminds me of a cross between two permanent Megalast lipsticks–it’s like Sugarplum Fairy and Cherry Bomb had a baby.  It’s my quintessential Fall shade. Lastly, I got Bordeaux Boulevard, which is a deep grape-colored purple. It reminds me of  Ravin’ Raisin from the regular line, but it’s more cool-toned and purple. There is actually another lipstick in this collection as well, a pinky nude called Sweet Cream, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, sorry!

Sunset Siren, Urban Night, Bordeaux Boulevard
Sunset Siren, Urban Night, Bordeaux Boulevard

Now, I wouldn’t say that these are matte in the same way that MAC’s Retro Matte line is, for example. These are very creamy and don’t emphasize dryness at all. They seem to have a much thicker consistency than the regular Megalast lippies, but once they’re on, they aren’t gonna budge. And the pigmentation of these is so good! I’ve tried lipsticks from Sephora that carried a $30 price tag, and these Wet n Wild ones really perform much, much better.

And of course, y’all know I have lip swatches!

Sunset Siren
Sunset Siren
Sunset Siren
Sunset Siren
Urban Night
Urban Night
Urban Night
Urban Night
Bordeaux Boulevard
Bordeaux Boulevard
Bordeaux Boulevard
Bordeaux Boulevard

I’m a huge fan of these, as you can probably tell.  The only complaint I have is that I really wish Wet n Wild would start making their Megalast lipsticks in different tubes–because the lipsticks don’t fully retract into the bullet, I always smear them all over the cap and scrape the sides when I try to close them. But for the beautiful colors, I can make it work!  Here, you can see what they look like on my pale-a** skin, but I think these would look truly beautiful on women of color. The deeper shades would really pop on someone with darker skin, I think! These cost a mere $1.49-$1.99, and for the quality and pigmentation and creaminess that you’re getting, it’s a great value. My love affair with Wet n Wild continues…

Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Lipsticks


Recently I picked up three lipsticks from Fergie’s line with Wet n Wild. They are part of the Centerstage Collection, and I got Saraghina, Penthouse Sweet, and D-Vinely Chilled. As far as quality goes, these seem pretty similar to Wet n Wild’s original line, although these are a little bit more expensive. While I wasn’t as wowed by these as I wanted to be, they are nonetheless good lipsticks for an affordable price.


Penthouse Sweet is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a bright pastel pink, blue based, and with a satin finish. The color is like a brighter, pinker version of Revlon Matte Stormy Pink, or at least that’s what it reminded me of when I put it on. Usually, lighter pinks sort of wash me out, but not this one. It is probably the best light pink that I have tried from the drugstore, and is very wearable; it’s bright, but not too in-your-face or Barbie-pinkish. It goes really well with my fair skin, although I’m afraid it might look a bit chalky on a darker complexion. The coverage is really good. My natural lip color is pretty pigmented, but Penthouse Sweet went on with no problems and was opaque, something I can’t say for many other pinks. Sometimes, pinks just settle into my lip lines no matter how much I’ve exfoliated them, and that wasn’t the case with this one. Of the three that I tried, this is the most unique color.


Saraghina is a blue based, bright red, and while I love red lipsticks, I have enough of them that this one didn’t seem all that special to me. Don’t get me wrong; if you are new to red lipsticks or only have a few of them, then totally get this! If you’re like me and have 30+ red lippies gathering dust in the drawer, then I feel like you could skip this one.


It looks almost identical to Revlon Love That Red, but I prefer the Revlon color because it is longer lasting and more sophisticated. Saraghina is slightly messier than Penthouse Sweet and doesn’t stay on the lips as well, so plan on reapplying if you eat something or kiss someone! D-Vinely Chilled was my least favorite of the three. While it is a lovely plummy wine color, the texture was gritty and drying because of the gold micro-glitter in it. I think if this one had the satin finish of the others and not a metallic one, I might have liked it better. Normally, metallic lipsticks are my thing, but this one wasn’t smooth enough, alas. I really loved the wine color though. In the picture, you can kind of tell that D-Vinely Chilled doesn’t suit my complexion too well either.



I think it would look better on someone with a golden medium skintone or a woman of color. Too deep for my pale skin! While I have only tried these three colors, I would say if you’re trying to choose between them, go with Penthouse Sweet. It is more comfortable to wear and lasts the longest. Hope this helps!